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Meet our team

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Dave was born in Kariba and brought up on a farm in the Zambezi Valley of Northern Zimbabwe. He was raised with a rifle in one hand, a fishing rod in the other, and a respect and love for the outdoors and its wildlife. He has hunted in Mozambique for seventeen years and Zimbabwe for ten years, and has guided people from all walks of life, from aristocracy, to the average man, on hunting, photographic and canoe safaris. Dave prides himself on being a naturalist, as well as a hunter and guide.

Dave is a licensed professional hunter and guide, and is a member of the Zimbabwe Professional Guides Association (ZPGA)  and the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA). He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Environmental and Geographical Sciences from Rhodes University, South Africa.



Bilale Chale has been tracking for 23 years in the Niassa Reserve of Northern Mozambique. He started working with Dave in 2007 and has been his right-hand man ever since. His tracking ability and sense of direction are uncanny; skills honed from a life-time in the game-rich wilderness of northern Mozambique.  He is from a small village where he loves to fish the Lugenda river and hunt for honey in the miombo forests that he calls home.
A consumate bushman, Bilale lives for the hunt and is a maestro on tracks. However, he has a special affinity and talent for hunting the big dagga boys, sable and leopard that he coexists with in the wilds of the Niassa.


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Charity has been tracking for Dave since 2013. However his tracking career spans 20 years, having worked for other respected professional hunters in Zimbabwe. He is from a small village called Makado in Southern Zimbabwe where he learnt his trade, as did most of his colleagues, from tending and tracking his family's livestock in the wilds of rural Zimbabwe.

Charity is a happy and hard-working companion on safari. His tracking ability, as great as it is,  is only surpassed by his eagerness for the hunt.



Tom is a valued member to the team and has been with Dave since 2014. His enthusiasm on safari is truly infectious. The only thing greater than his tracking skills is his ability with a 'demo' (locally made axe) and  his smile, which you can find permanently plastered across his face. His eyesight is incredible and he is ever willing to do the tough jobs on safari. Tom is an avid bass fisherman and a budding horticulturalist. He hails from the City of Kings, Bulawayo.




Sarah and David have been friends since childhood, have been married for eight years and have two beautiful daughters together. They say that behind every successful man is a good woman and that is certainly true of Sarah - she is the glue that holds our safari company together. She has a degree in advertising, marketing and design.

Sarah is responsible for our logistics and administration, and it's her constant and tireless attention to detail that ensures our clientele have a hassle-free and enjoyable time on safari. Sarah accompanies Dave on safari where possible and lends a definite flair to the culinary and hosting side of safari life. She has an interest in photography and likes to document safari life as well as capturing Africa's unique wildlife through the lens of her camera.

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