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Dangerous game hunting is what Niassa is becoming increasingly renowned for. Quality old dagga boys, beautiful leopard (often taken in daylight hours) and mature lions make for first class safari adventures. The plains game is characterised by regional endemics such as Roosevelt Sable, Niassa Wildebeest, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, Johnsons Impala and Boehms Zebra. The usual selection of plains game is available including impressive East African Eland, Kudu, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Warthog, Bushpig, Hyena, Reedbuck, Impala and Duiker. If the aquatic species are your target, our area has crocodile and hippo available to the hunter.

This country offers diversity of experience few others can match, from dangerous game hunting in wild untouched wilderness to deep sea fishing.

Mozambique has resurfaced on the hunting radar as one of the destinations to visit in modern times. However it has a rich hunting history, punctuated by a tragic and savage past. The country was once made famous by the likes of Harry Manners, Wally Johnson and Baron Werner Von Alvensleben before a violent civil war stalled the hunting industry. With peace treaties, new opportunities arose, and with it the hunting industry took tentative steps to recovery. Animals populations recovered, new areas were explored and mapped, jobs were created and effective sustainable utilisation conservation implemented in wild lands. The results speak for themselves. With the passage of time, and dedication by an intrepid few, a safari to this wonderful country is sure to bring not only great trophies but memorable moments of adventure in this legacy destination. Memories that are sure to rival anything from the golden days of safari.


You can look forward to beautiful views, hot showers en suite, ice cold drinks, wholesome good food, and even better company. We have a full complement of trained, locally sourced staff and laundry is done on a daily basis. There is a generator or solar system in each camp providing 110 - 240 volts electricity and WIFI is available so that guests can stay in touch with their loved ones or business. Lodgings are East African style tented affairs with ample space and tasteful furnishings. Bathrooms are ensuite with hot and cold running water and flushing toilets.

 Luwire L7

With exclusive use of the camps in the 1.1 million acre concession, this unfenced area in the Niassa Special Reserve is as remote and wild an experience that you could hope to get. We have three East African style tented camps along 250 km (160 miles) of very scenic river frontage. We also have a seasonal fly camp, to access the remotest parts of our concession. The camps are rustic yet comfortably appointed, set amongst the riverine bush of the famed Lugenda river.

LUCINGE CAMP is situated on the confluence of the Lucinge and Lugenda rivers, and was the first camp built in L7. It has recently been partially rebuilt and refurbished.  Picturesque Star Chestnut trees tower over the dining room and living area, and it is common to see monkeys and bushbuck tiptoeing through camp.

NDAPATA CAMP is nestled in thick riverine bush along a scenic stretch of the Lugenda river. The bathrooms are ensuite with flushing commodes and running water. The spacious and comfortable tents are situated mere feet from the water’s edge and one can often see hippos from the veranda of your tent. One has to take care on the paths between the tents as the hippo often use them too!

LUGENDA CAMP is the headquarters camp in L7 and one where the air charters arrive and depart in the shadow of the impressive inselberg range called Ngolonje. The camp is situated under huge sprawling Sycamore figs, and Yellow baboons, Samango Monkeys, as well as elephant, bushbuck and waterbuck are often encountered in the camp environs. Leopard and lion occasionally walk through camp in the late afternoon and evenings.

  R 4 

R4 is a new concession with the Niassa Special Reserve. Its northern border is the Rovuma river which is the international boundary. Across this river lies Tanzania. This concession is 780 000 acres of unfenced Miombo wilderness interspersed with seasonal wetlands, woodlands and riverine bush. Picturesque inselbergs are dotted throughout the area, which is characteristic of the Niassa. This concession has only been operational for a year. Prior to this the concession was virgin territory and the last year has been used to open roads and explore the area. The potential in this block is enormous and makes for a very exciting safari in virgin territory for an intrepid hunter. 

MBAMBA is the main hunting camp and it is situated centrally in R4. It boasts comfortable East African style tented accommodation with ablutions ensuite. A solar system provides continuous 110-220 V power. The main dinning and living area overlooks inselbergs in the distance. The opportunity to explore is encouraged and there is a comfy fly camp enabling the hunter to reach the seldom seen parts of the area

Chipanje Chetu

This is a community area which has a great road network and is 1.4 million unfenced acres in extent. The camps are two permanent stone under thatch buildings and very comfortable. One is built in the Miombo woodlands, characteristic of this environment, and one on top of a small inselberg (small rocky hill). There are also two very comfortable tented fly camps that are put up for the season. All camps have hot showers and flush toilets. Each camp has a full complement of staff. Clients can expect good food prepared by our well trained cooks, and fresh laundry every day.

This part of Northwest Mozambique has Sable, Hartebeest, Reedbuck and Eland in profusion. It is common to take a daylight Leopard when hunting the early winter months, such is the abundance and relaxed nature of the cats there. Other species offered on licence include the usual plains game such as waterbuck, warthog, bushpig and dangerous game species such as Buffalo and Lion.

Niassa scenery

 The hunting in Niassa is good! But I believe its the scenery that separates Niassa from other good hunting destinations.  The many rivers, the towering inselbergs, the Miombo ecosystem - they all combine to make this one of the most scenic and wild destinations available. Have a look at the gallery below. I am sure you will agree that Niassa has a magical allure to it.