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Safari Information, Hunting with Dave Langerman Safaris

Dangerous Game Calibres

It is a legal requirement when hunting dangerous game such as Buffalo, Hippo and Elephant to use a heavy calibre weapon. The .375 H & H has been doing the job admirably for over a hundred years and is the minimum calibre one can use when pursuing dangerous game in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. If one can handle the recoil, the various .400’s are wonderful safari calibres.

It is highly recommended to bring well-constructed quality soft nose ammunition such as Swift A frames, Trophy Bonded Bear Claws, Barnes X, North Forks or Woodleigh’s.  A small number of quality solids are also advisable.

It is recommended to hunt Lion with something in the .30 calibre such as the .300 Win Mag, .338 or a .375.

Leopard can be taken with the various 7mm’s or larger.


Plains Game Calibres

The .300’s are wonderful plains game calibres. Tried and tested favourites such as the .300 win mag/ H and H, .30-06 Springfield, .308 and the various 7mm’s are safari favourites. 

Please note - As with all African hunting, use a premier, heavy for calibre bullet, and most importantly, practise with your chosen rifle/calibre/bullet combination before embarking on your safari.

I strongly recommend you bring a backup scope with rings and mounts that fit your weapon, in case your primary hunting scope is damaged in transit or whilst hunting. An illuminated reticule makes all the difference especially when hunting cats and taking shots in poor light. A rifle sling is a must, as is a small tool and cleaning kit to service your weapon.



Visas can be paid for at the airport on your arrival in both Zimbabwe and Mozambique. However it is recommended to obtain this from the respective consulates or embassies in your country before your trip to hasten the procedure.


It is strongly recommended to take out travel and medical insurance before commencing a trip. Global rescue and Ripcord provide stellar service. SATIB provides excellent cover in Southern Africa too.


In Mozambique we hunt in remote, wild places that are off the beaten track. As of yet, there is wifi in three of the four  camps that we hunt from. Please bring a Satellite phone with you to stay in touch with your loved ones. There is limited cell service scattered through out the area.

Some of our Zimbabwean camps have wifi and cell service. Enquire before arriving in camp whether this service will be available in your particular camp.


Please bring dark brown or green coloured hunting clothing. Khaki is too light. A wide brimmed hat and ball cap are essential to keep the sun off you. Three changes of hunting clothes, socks and underwear will suffice as laundry is done daily.

A fleece jumper and trousers are recommended to ward off the early morning and evening chill. A pair of well worn in hunting boots is vital!

Please note - Military camouflage is not permitted in Zimbabwe, and ill advised in Mozambique. Mossy Oak and Realtree patterns are acceptable.


We carry first aid kits everywhere we go and we are trained first aiders. Please bring any prescription medicine that you require with you. It is advisable to also bring the following: anti-biotics, anti-diarrhoea, blister treatment, oral rehydration salts, pain/fever medication, basic wound dressings, malaria prophylactics, insect repellent for Tsetste flies (only in Mozambique) and ticks (Zimbabwe) eg. Skin so soft or Sawyer. Before you arrive in country, is vital that you let us know if you have any medical conditions that we need to be aware of.

See your doctor prior to departure about any shots or vaccines you may need.

Personal items

Sunglasses, ammo belt, gun repair/cleaning kit, flash lights, rifle sling, personal medications, sufficient ammo, day back-pack, binoculars, knife/multi tool, Satellite phone, cameras, batteries, various chargers for your personal electronics.

Pre Hunt Administration

If you plan to hunt Mozambique, we will need two passport size photos and a copy of your passport picture page.

This is to process your Mozambican hunting licence. We will also need your firearm details so we can process your temporary import permit which acts as your firearm licence for the duration of your stay. You will also be sent a letter of invitation to hunt with us in Mozambique, which is to facilitate your transfer through Johannesburg airport and in the issuance of your visa.

Lastly we will send you fact sheets, safari contracts, release of liabilty forms and questionnaires which will need to be filled in and returned well ahead of time.

Likewise if you plan a safari to Zimbabwe, we shall send you a letter of invitation to hunt. This will facilitate transfer through Johannesburg as mentioned above. Furthermore you will be sent Client fact sheets, Indemnity forms and a hunt contract.

Your temporary import permit for your hunting weapon will be issued by customs at your port of entry and this will act as your firearm licence.

Please fill out and return all paperwork in good time.

Filming your adventure

If you would like your safari captured on film, which is highly advisable, we can cater to this request. 


MOZ 2023


ZIM 2023

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