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A few privileged sights

One of my favourite things about leopard hunting is checking the trail cameras. When the camera reveals fantastic footage like what you see below, you know you are in for a privileged encouter.

There are not many areas that can boast high leopard density. There are even fewer that can boast regular daylight sightings of this elusive and sought after animal. With Dave Langerman Safaris we often get these opportunites on mature, beautiful Tomcats. And our success rates are very high.

The hunting of these animals contributes directly to habitat conservation in the Niassa Reserve. This is critical, and your contributon to this endeavor is important and meaningful. I always tell my clients that if we provide a safe habitat for the myriad of species we have, they'll take care of themselves; they'll flourish in fact.

If you are seeking this kind of adventure, one with an important conservation goal, and you want to experience it in some of the wildest wilderness left in Africa, then drop me a line.


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