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I hunted in the Niassa area of Northern Mozambique in October/November 2015 on a 13 day Buffalo/Plains Game hunt, my PH was Dave Langerman. Without reservation I would recommend the company, the area and Dave to anyone interested in true African hunting.

Dave like most Zim trained PH’s is first rate, professional and competent. He is young and he is keen as are his team, he is good company and I would rate him as excellent.

During my hunt I had the real sense that everyone was focused on making my stay both successful and enjoyable and a large part of that feeling was a result of Dave’s positive attitude.

As far as the hunting is concerned this was first class and we saw plenty of animals of numerous species every day I was there. I mentioned to Dave on the journey to camp that hunting for me is more about the 'experience' than the size of the trophy and we certainly had some cracking experiences. For example, shooting a buffalo at 30yds using open sights, having been on the tracks at 7am that morning, engaging the buffalo numerous times and finally pulling the trigger at 1pm was just brilliant and to my mind buffalo hunting does not get any better. The fact that we had sneaked in past other sleeping bulls that erupted all around us at  the shot made it even more memorable but as you will all know it is at those moments that you appreciate a cool, calm PH standing right next to you! However, having said ‘it is all about the experience’ it would be churlish of me not to say how pleased I was with my trophies and in particular my Buffalo which was excellent.

Not only did Dave work hard to ensure my trip was fun and successful but he also worked hard to get me some great trophies for which I am very grateful. It was a pleasure to hunt with Dave  and I really appreciated his can do attitude, you simply tell Dave what you want to hunt and how you want to hunt  it and if it is legal and safe you can bet he will do his best.

Mr S, Client


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