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Hunting the best of

Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Who we are

We are a small safari company operating in Southern Africa, specializing in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

We are passionate about fair chase ethical hunting, and we love to conduct safaris to the truly remote, wild parts of Africa. We understand it's not just a safari for you - it's a culmination of childhood dreams and detailed planning years in the making. With this in mind we strive to offer you the very best experience we can. We are proud to offer Dark Continent hunting at its wildest and best, so come and experience “miles and miles of bloody Africa” with us. As Pliny the Elder so rightly stated...


"Ex Africa semper aliquidi novi - out of Africa there is always something new"


We only conduct safaris with the most ethical and responsible of concessionaires in their respective areas, who have a vested interest in their local communities and anti-poaching programs. Likewise we subscribe to proven scientific wildlife management policies that lead to best  sustainable use practice. This ensures that not only wildlife populations thrive, but more importantly their associated habitats too.

Bespoke Safaris 

Having a deep love for Africa, we take pride and pleasure creating memorable safaris, from hunting dangerous or plains game, to photographic adventures, fishing, walking or birding safaris. Our focus is to provide the best experience we possibly can, with the client central to everything we do.


Let us know what you are looking for and we can tailor your safari to suit you.

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