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Make it count.

Lion hunting is under threat from multiple avenues. Ignorant and prejudiced AR movements are doing their best to stop it and human induced habitat loss is shrinking the available space for these great cats to thrive. A lion safari is a special under-taking and should be conducted with the utmost respect for this formidable animal and its environment. The hunt should be about more than just taking a trophy animal. Your hunting dollars should contribute directly to the survival of this species, through protecting habitat, enabling anti-poaching teams and assisting research initiatives. I only hunt in concessions where wildlife and habitat conservation, and community upliftment are a central tenet to their management ethos.

These pictures conjure up many emotions. Excitement and respect are probably the two prevalent ones for me.

Excitement, because hunting these magnificent animals is a hunt like no other. It will test your limits. A wild lion in close proximity is a memorable experience.

Respect, because this animal deserves it, commands it even. He is an apex predator and master of his domain. It is a keystone species and one which features so prominently in African folklore.

These trail camera pictures are taken from a concession where I hunt lion. As you can see the trophy quality is very good. Besides an ethical standard, we are held to a minimum age standard as well when hunting these animals and this fantastic lion pictured from last year surpasses this. If an old, past its prime trophy lion is what you seek, and you want your hunters dollars to contribute to the survival of these wild populations, then talk to me about a wild lion hunt in a wilderness area. Lets make it count.


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